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Tangy Orange Sauce with Chargrilled Chicken

Health, Convenience & Great Taste

Our stir fry sauces are made with the finest organic ingredients, expertly blended by our chef with 20 years experience making the best tasting Oriental sauces.

Stir frying helps to retain the vitamins and goodness in vegetables. We can help you create not only healthy & wholesome meals but also restaurant quality dishes that only take 10 minutes to cook. All you need is Zesame stir fry sauce and your choice of vegetables / meat. Easy

Healthy and wholesome foods 
... without compromise on taste and the environment 

Why Zesame Organic Stir-fries?



Sweet Ginger with Blackbean

Soya Chow Mein & Hand-toasted Sesame

Sweet & Sour with Pineapple

Lemon & Ginger

Szechuan Hot





Oriental Style “Pesto” ...simply stir into freshly cooked pasta, noodle, rice or pulses

Dan Dan Chilli

Thai Coconut

Beijing Tomato & Coriander

Story of Dan Dan Sauce 

Dan Dan Sauce is a spicy sauce for stirring into noodles. Adding Dan Dan sauce instantly makes a bowl of plain noodle into a delicious dish called "Dan Dan Noodle", one of the most famous Street foods in Szechuan Province. 

The word Dan in Chinese means Shoulder Pole (pole that was used in China for carrying goods on shoulders). Legend says that Dan Dan Noodle was invented around 1841 by a street vendor called Chen Baobao at Zigong, Szechuan Province, who carried all his ingredients and a charcoal stove around on his shoulders with a bamboo pole ("dan"). Chen cooked his Dan Dan noodle fresh on the spot and served this delicious dish from street to street.

Why not try our organic version of this renowned sauce?

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